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website accessibility

Below are instructions on how to change font sizes for three popular internet browsers. If you need to change the font viewing size, please follow these instructions.

internet explorer

1.Firstly you'll need to tell Internet Explorer that you want it to ignore fonts defined by a website. To do this, go to Tools, Internet Options and then select the General tab, and then the Accessibility button.

2.Under the Formatting heading, you will find checkboxes allowing you to ignore font sizes, colours etc. Check the options you want to define yourself, and then click OK, but stay within the Internet Options menu.

3.Also on the General tab is the Fonts button. Click on this to modify your fonts to the ones you require.


1.For a Mac, go to Preferences > Content (Tools > Options > Content in Windows).

2.Under Fonts & Colours, select Advanced... A menu will appear allowing you to select various font sizes and styles. Once you have selected your preferred options, uncheck the box that says Allow pages to choose their own fonts instead of my selections above - then click OK.


Although there is an option to set default fonts in Safari, there seems to be only one option to override site-defined styles, which is that you can set a minimum font size. For instructions, see the Safari section under Changing only font sizes. To change font styles, your best bet is to define a user style sheet (see Changing site styles).






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